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Monday, July 23, 2012

Salem NY: Growing Books from the Inside Out

Not only can you see art at North Main Gallery in Salem NY, you can to create art as well, thanks to the inspired vision of owner and director Ruth Sauer who engages children and adults in exciting opportunities for art making in the gallery.

As an exhibiting artist in the current exhibit, BOOK ARTS SUMMER IN SALEM 2012. I was delighted to be invited to offer a workshop focused  on developing content for artist books.  What a pleasure it was to meet workshop participants and to witness the blossoming of their projects.

We began by imagining ourselves in a soft moonlit summer night, opening our senses and 
gathering in the energies and emotions stirring in the deep blue of evening.

Using acrylic inks and a variety of painting tools, participants allowed their harvest of
 sensations to fill sheets of rice paper. 

In companionable stillness, everyone found highly individual ways to express their visions. 

 We put the finished paintings in the sun to dry, 
while we cleaned the studio,

 Then we cut the dried papers into 12 pieces, 3" x 6" each.
Stacked with folds lined up, 
we glued the reverse sides of  page fore edges together to form flutter books.

Book makers elaborated on the basic flutter book
 by gluing additional imagery into the books,
by adding words, and
by building on to the structure.


We all delighted in the animated cascade of the pages spilling from our hands,
and in the translucent quality of the paper..

Thank you to all the inspired participants and to
Ruth Sauer for a morning of pleasure,
creativity and fun at the 
North Main Gallery
in Salem NY.

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