Expressive Adventures in Book Arts

Friday, March 30, 2012

Wind Questions

Much of March proved uncommonly summer-like this year, but sticking with weather tradition, we made books about March wind.  We asked, what form would a book about wind take?  Would it describe feelings stirred up by the wind? Would it physically generate wind, or at least a breeze?  Would it invite the wind to manipulate it?
We each found ways to invoke and invite the energies of wind into our work.  In addition, Susan brought the now complete book that she began in January.  Her wind book elaborates on the innovative cover style she created for the January book.  Both she and Karin promise to bring the complete books started this time when we meet again.
To start a slide show of the books, click on any image.

Susan Bissonnette's complete book from January.

Susan Bissonnette's wind book in progress
Debbie Stone
Jo Renbeck

Karin Lempke

More tiny books about wind to be added to Karin's book

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Behind the Scenes and Under Cover

In February, little things are happening in the ground, under the ice, in the air  We all know winter loves to take its curtain calls, but behind the scenes, the stage is being set for spring.

We made tiny books, 3"x3," about tiny changes, choosing between accordion, flutter and pamphlet style with papers we painted.  We made covers with sturdy book board that we cut (a hard business!)  But the good surprise in this taxing effort came when we posed the books for photos.  The heavy boards attached to the delicate paper sometimes caused the pages to spring up in unexpected ways.

Deanna Tohey

Deanna Tohey

Debbie Stone

Josette Lee

Karin Lempke

Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi

Miriam Frischer

Pam Wright