Expressive Adventures in Book Arts

Saturday, December 4, 2010

November and the OED

     Making books together is always full of wonderful surprises. We came, as planned, with our senses full of November ready to make books. And Susan came with news of the Oxford English Dictionary and its initiative, Save the Words.  Susan reported that hundreds of words slip out of the language each year from disuse.  At, she adopted a word and promised to use it.  Her word is pocket-handkerchief which much to our surprise we all found ourselves using throughout the evening. 
        November found its way into this month's expressive and inventive books.  It came as bare branches, caves in which to hibernate, brooding sunsets, and a harvest of seasonal joys. And pocket-handkerchief made an appearance too, as you will see.  Thanks to all for an evening of rich fun!
Santha Cooke
Susan Appollo
Debbie Stone
Jo Renbeck
Gail Gates

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

October Spirit Shapes Books

What a variety in book forms this month, even with four people starting from the same hinged paper frame.  All the books offer really inviting ways to peek into the rich sensory aspects of October.  Delicious!






Rose Anne


A Delightful Evening at the Heermance Memorial Library

Many thanks to the Friends of the Heermace Memorial Library for inviting me lead a book arts workshop on October 8.  The first delight of the evening was discovering the historic waterfront district of Coxsackie NY.  The next delight was the beautiful garden approach to the library.  But, best of all was the spirit of the people who shared such lively joy in the workshop.  I had a wonderful time!
This workshop offered two interesting challenges.  First, we let water have a hand in shaping the book by playing with the way water moves ink and buckles paper.  Then we shifted gears from bold experiment to the precision of Japanese stab binding.  At the end of the evening, we saw that everyone's book revealed its own bold character and exciting surprises.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Many thanks Rhianna of the Dreaming Goddess for inviting me to offer the ROOTS workshop at the September Pagan Crafts Circle.  What a wonderful, spirited group!  Fourteen women let their imaginations dig deep into the world of roots and found treasure to form their books.  It was great pleasure to witness fourteen uniquely expressive books come into being.  Cheers to you all!













Jennifer Jo

Friday, September 24, 2010


The EQUINOX held a wide range of significance for September book makers.  Viewed as a portal, for some it was harbinger of autumnal delights, for others, a time of mourning for lost summer.  Some saw it as a sticking place, a balancing act, or imagined a kind of slinky action as the year flowed over into new times.

Here's a peek at what we made.  Some are works in progress.  Two pieces were created by people who have never made a book before!   I always wish that I could pick each book up again and again to enjoy the spirited, rich content and form that continually springs from this happy play. 
Cait Johnson

Donnalynne Lefever

Karin Lempke

Pam Wright

Karen Summerlin

Jo Renbeck
Debbie Stone

Thursday, August 26, 2010


ARTIST BOOK GATHERING, a  group for people who enjoy making books together, met for the first time in August.

This month, our subject was Under the Summer Sun.  Memories and impressions brought by members of the group included the smell of hydrangea in the heat, a ginkgo leaf, the bite of a deer tick, visions of the beach, a fleeting whiff of fall in the air, and paper folded like the spreading rays of the sun.   Artist books took shape in great spirit and variety.

One of the exciting prospects of this group, ARTIST BOOK GATHERING, is the opportunity it offers for sharing ideas and supporting one another in finding solutions to the interesting puzzles of book making.  Another exciting prospect is the adventure of seeing wonderful, unique artist books come into being.

And now we've begun.  Such fun!!!

Lorrie Fredette

Laura Best-Macia
Cindy Vanstone
Donna Wasilewski
Rose Ann Boyle
Nora Theresa Campbell
Gail  Gates
Miriam Frischer
Susan Bissonnette
Karen Summerlin
Pam Wright
Josette Lee
Debbie Stone

Here are two intriguing folded forms that Pam Wright showed us in the Saturday gathering.  She used a third folded form in the book she made that day.