Expressive Adventures in Book Arts

Friday, September 24, 2010


The EQUINOX held a wide range of significance for September book makers.  Viewed as a portal, for some it was harbinger of autumnal delights, for others, a time of mourning for lost summer.  Some saw it as a sticking place, a balancing act, or imagined a kind of slinky action as the year flowed over into new times.

Here's a peek at what we made.  Some are works in progress.  Two pieces were created by people who have never made a book before!   I always wish that I could pick each book up again and again to enjoy the spirited, rich content and form that continually springs from this happy play. 
Cait Johnson

Donnalynne Lefever

Karin Lempke

Pam Wright

Karen Summerlin

Jo Renbeck
Debbie Stone