Expressive Adventures in Book Arts

Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcoming the Winter Dragon

Dragons may be beneficent or malevolent.  They are a bit like winter in that way.
In our mind's eyes, we observed the winter dragon in its wintery landscape and then wrote some collaborate word streams about what we saw.  Here are some writing samples of what we discovered to be a rather lively, erratic character.
                                               Winter Dragon,
                                               red tongue,
                                               honey comb nostrils,
                                               rasping, clattering
                                               down the snowy hill.
                                               Winter Dragon,
                                               tangerine nostril
                                               smooth tail
                                               stomping, creeping
                                               on the edge of the fence
                                               Winter Dragon,
                                               shimmering blue tail
                                               scaly tongue
                                               singing, lunging
                                               in the hollow.
Using a basic one-two-three fold and shards of Chiyogami paper, participants created these spirited winter dragon books.

Dorothea Vincent
Susan Appollo
Gail Gates
Leonora Kovacs
Pam Wright
Santha Cooke
Josette Lee
Debbie Stone
Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi
Karen Summerlin
Linda Goff
Karen Lempke
This was great fun, as always!  Thanks to all for your bright spirits and wild dragons.