Expressive Adventures in Book Arts

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

JOURNEY WORKSHOP- Lorraine told. We drew.

Storyteller Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi magically wove the story of a woman's loss and quest into an enchanted world of rocks and caves, fairies and feather capes. (

As Lorraine told this journey tale from Scotland, workshop participants engaged expressive gestural drawing techniques to create images for their books. 

A double accordion book format allowed for many variations and innovations in the visual retelling of the story.  Each book reflected story elements of particular resonance for its maker.  Each book offered a unique and intriguing world to explore.  What delight it was to hear Lorraine tell this vivid tale and to watch so many expressive beautiful books come to life. 

Thanks to all for the pleasure of your company and the flat out fun of making art in community!

THURSDAY workshop books in progress.
Luanne Panarotti
Pat Joel

Deanna Touhey
Gail Gates

Judy Malstrom
Joann Innello

Santha Cooke
Joan Levitt

The Thursday evening group meets in the historic school house at Pleasant Plains Presbyterian Church, a building that in its span has accommodated students, fire engines, refugees, church committees and now,  most happily for us, book makers!  Many thanks to the church for making its facilities available to the community.

SATURDAY workshop books in progress.

Angela Balletto
Hanne Andersen
Betty Vera

Susan Jane Appollo

Annie Scibienski

Debbie Stone

Karin Lempke
Terry Sennett

Terry and Angela

And what a good place to end this post with a picture of our dear librarian, Terry Sennett, and with thanks to the Clinton Community Library for hosting the Saturday sessions.

Monday, March 22, 2010

March Journey with storyteller Lorraine Hartin-Gellardi

For March, think journey.
Every journey is a story and, to our good fortune, the wonderful storyteller Lorraine Hartin-Gellardi ( will tell a tale that will put us on the road to more fun with artist books.  We’ll be packing the story into a perfect container – the accordion book – but not just any accordion book.  This one will be full of surprises as journeys always are.

Thurday, March 25, 2010,  7:00 – 9:00 pm
Saturday, March 27, 2010,  10:00 am - noon

Whether experienced or not, you will leave with a unique and satisfying book. Each workshop stands alone, so it is not necessary to have attended other sessions to enjoy this one.  Workshops are free.
To register, please contact Jo Renbeck

Friday, March 5, 2010

ROOTS Power New Bookworks

We drew roots. We filled sheets of  paper with painted images of roots.  We spoke words of roots and imagined life under the earth in the remarkable bodies of roots.  Remarkable books developed out of all this rooting around.  Once again, I wished for the luxury of time to enjoy each book at leisure. Here are photos that only hint at the unique vision and the innovative detail to be explored in each bookwork.

Judy Malstrom

Pam Wright

Nicole Chainese



Donna Wasilewski

Santha Cooke

And just for good measure, two more shots of bookworks in the hands of the makers.

There is something tender in our physical relation to books.  Perhaps that comes from the feel of their materials, the movement of their elements, and the almost creature-comfort of their companionship.